Where learning meets spirit - deepening your inner connection

We hold a big vision for the world.

A world where people come together and make room for one another, in acceptance, compassion and love. It's vision that we can't fulfill on our own, which is why we created SoulBliss Academy. To provide a place for you, to develop what we call Inner Peace to Global Bliss. That's what we're here to help you do.

It's our intention to offer inspirational blogs, online courses and live retreats, to help you connect more deeply to your natural essence of love and inborn abundance. We believe that any individual holds the power to shape the life of their dreams and create a life full of meaning, purpose, togetherness and joy. In doing so, you build your own foundation for peace within.

The world we live in demands a lot from us and there's an ever increasing need for us to seek inwards, to find the love we so desperately look for in the exterior. We will provide you with insights, inspiration and tools, to create a successful, joyful, healthy and sustainable life from the inside out.

The world needs you to be happy, fulfilled and connected!

Majbrit Villadsen

I know it's a big leap of faith, to reach out the way you've done and I truly appreciate your trust. Everything I share with you is something that has helped me along the years, either through personal practice and through deepening my own inner connection, or through private work with men and women. Most of it works for both genders and some of it are geared only towards women and some only for men. As an energetic bodyworker and healer, I've worked with men and women, guiding them towards the embodiment of their true inner essence. It's my wish to do the same for you. I can’t promise it’ll be easy, but I can promise it’ll be worthwhile.

My own ongoing journey to discover what lies underneath, has sometimes brought me immense joy, freedom and overwhelming awe, sometimes pain, frustration and tears and at other times a sense of complete fulfillment and satisfaction full of clarity and serenity. In between there’s been lots of other feelings, emotions and experiences.

Looking back, I wouldn’t have missed a single thing. Everything has been a valuable pointer on my way towards more inner freedom and peace. Now I’ve learned to embrace the bumps in the road with more grace. So can you!

One of the fruits of this journey was publishing SoulBliss – a poetic tale of cosmic love. It’s a sharing of poems that Vishwas and I have written to each other. Need I say that all my defenses exploded when Vishwas suggested making our most vulnerable, private writings public? I’m eternally grateful for his steady persistence and dedication.

The way I see it, we’re all born good enough exactly the way we are. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of layers, so to speak, due to our interactions with people in our family, school and surroundings. Layers of conditionings. Often times it’s protective layers, to ensure we stay loved and included. They serve a purpose. If we want to connect more deeply to others, and ourselves while at the same time being more happy, satisfied and free, we need to develop our skills to gently remove those layers. Peeling layer by layer, till we reach, and become comfortable with, our soft spot.

Ever since I was a little girl, growing up in a working class family, with both parents prone to alcoholism, finances being a bit tight and being bullied in school, I’ve had a mysterious connection with the stars. Whenever I looked at them, whatever bad thing was happening in my life at that moment, I had a clear feeling that nothing could truly harm me. Couldn’t explain why I felt that, but it seemed to do the trick. And it still does.

Discovering the notion of the true Self in my studies makes it possible for me to understand the dept of my childhood knowing. It’s this true Self – my true Self – that I’m continually aiming to give more and more room, on my own private journey as a human being on this planet called Earth.

My striving towards revealing my soft spot to myself and to those I hold dear, has called upon, and continually call upon, a lot of courage and resilience on my side. It will for you too.

Please don’t believe I hold all the answers, because I don’t. My truth is limited to my understanding and embodiment so far. But I do share authentically what I know to be true and have experienced and learned in my life.

Through our blogs and online courses we’ll offer you insights, guidance and tools, to develop your skills so that you too can rise stronger by peeling layer after layer and reveal the wonder of beauty, truth and love that you are.

Vishwas Chavan

It’s my deep desire to help, support and guide every single individual who comes in contact with SoulBliss Academy to connect with and become the expression of their true Self. A Self who can enjoy the inherent freedom of nature, joy and bliss of divinity, and embrace the process of continuous transformation and self-evolution, leading to fulfillment of every single dream that you have.

I’ve always believed that every life is a miracle in its own right, and so is mine. It has been a roller coaster ride of numerous failures and successes. But it truly has been a love affair with my own self first and foremost, and then with destiny itself.

From a slum-boy to a science diplomat and now as an inspirational speaker, transformational mentor and success strategist; it truly has been a continuous process of evolution and transformation.

In my book Vishwasutras: Universal Principles for Success, I share with you some of the insight I’ve gained so far. It has inspired the lives of thousands of people and I hope it may contribute to your life as well.

When I was cleaning the sewers of the city of Pune, at the age of 17, I always dreamt of flying across the globe, attending high-profile meetings and touching the lives of thousands of people. Little did I know at that time that miracles can happen, but today I can say with confidence that miracles do happen, when you believe in them and surrender to the very thought of miracles.

My meeting with Majbrit and our journey so far has been miraculous in its own rights. Through our initial interactions, I realized that underneath this disciplined, introvert, and shy beautiful woman, lies a Shakti (Sanskrit equivalent for female) who has big dreams to heal humanity from its traumas and share love for nature as a whole. Thus, I wasn’t surprised with her conscious choice of being an energetic bodyworker and healer. But I had a dream of taking this even further and I’m truly grateful that we conceived of SoulBliss Academy.

Through our work, we intend to positively influence and contribute towards your success, while deepening your spirituality and the connection to your soul.

I’m aware that I surely don’t hold the answers to everything in life, but it’ll be my personal endeavor to share everything with you that has personally worked in my own life. It will be my intention to find the answers to unresolved, unexplored questions without any fear and favor, and to share my insights truthfully.

I believe in you and together we’ll unleash the potential for us to evolve into our true soulful Self, manifesting the truth of Inner Peace to Global Bliss!