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Fear of intimacy – part 2 of 3

Fear Of Intimacy 2

If you’re scared of intimacy and have become conscious of your fear, you’ve already come a long way. Congratulations! To most people, it remains unconscious, and they struggle relationship after relationship to keep things together. Becoming aware is the first step. We can change the things we’re conscious about. Just be consistent in your endeavors, and be patient with yourself – it takes time to change old patterns/conditionings.


Fear of intimacy – part 1 of 3

Fear of intimacy

Fear of intimacy can be a major reason for marriage or relationship problems. In this three-part series, I’ll give you some insights into why you might be afraid of intimacy, and what you can do if you’re caught in the trap of intimacy issues. It’s important to note, that these insights can in no way replace the help of a qualified practitioner.