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Want To Feel More Pleasure? A Simple Way To Rewire Your Brain For Pleasure

Rewiring your brain for more pleasure

Relaxation helps us to become fully alive. It helps us to become sensitive to what’s happening in our body, to what we feel, and to respond accordingly. When we train our responsiveness within, we become able to respond properly to the outside world and how it relates to our body, how it relates to our physical health and emotional well-being. And we feel more pleasure.


Do you know what you want? Creating an intimate relationship with yourself

Do you know what you want

Have you ever longed for a more intimate relationship with your partner? Have you felt you’ve grown apart in the busy-ness of life? Felt like you weren’t really connected anymore. Your talks have become superficial, focused around the practical aspects of everyday life. Tenderness has become sporadic, the kisses have become part of a morning or evening routine, and even lovemaking (if it happens at all) seem to be just another item on the to-do list.


How To Relieve Stress: 7 Things You Can Do To Come Alive Again and Reconnect To Your Partner

How to relieve stress

We live in a world where we consciously have to pull the brakes once in a while and focus on stress relief not to loose touch with ourselves, our partner, our passions, and life. Ideally, we wouldn’t reach that state of overload but from my own experience, despite my best efforts, we do. Once in a while, I end up being sucked into the world of being a slave of my to-do list, my own expectations and other people’s agenda for me.


Signs of Stress In Women: Effects of Stress On Your Love Life And Fertility

Signs of stress in women

Because of the male dominated society we live in, we feel we have no choice but to fit into this way of getting things done, and we overrule our inner nature. What we really have to do, each and every woman is to stand by and meet our own needs and intuitive guidance. As a culture, as brothers and sisters, we need to shape a society that gives room for both the feminine and masculine qualities to be expressed. We can honor and explore the value they each bring.


Self-love: I should’ve said stop – but I didn’t (and here’s what I learned)


When I look back at my life I now recognize many situations where I should’ve said stop or no, but I didn’t. There are many reasons for that, but underlying all of them was a need to be loved (self-love was not in my vocabulary at the time). Like when a seemingly friendly man would touch me inappropriately and I didn’t say anything because then he might think I was a prude and therefore not worth loving. Or when I was working way too hard, taking on too many tasks at work, to prove myself worthy of love.


Awareness in Lovemaking: An Unexplored Aphrodisiac

Awareness in lovemaking

In the years we’ve been working with couples on issues related to love, intimacy and lovemaking both men and women have raised a common concern. Many of them are disappointed with the short-lived sexual quickies. Especially the women have expressed a desire for lovemaking that makes them feel more connected; where their partner is not rushing towards the goal of coming or trying to push her to reach an orgasm.