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Ejaculatory Choice: 8 Reasons Why I Encourage You To Give It A Try

Ejaculatory Choice

Ejaculatory choice is an empowering of a man to fully control whether or not he is going to ejaculate during intercourse. And if he is choosing to ejaculate he is able to decide when, so it happens in a moment of awareness and presence. To practice ejaculatory choice we need a conceptual shift in the understanding of our sexuality. The sexual energy can be transformed into other aspects of our life and character, thereby enhancing the overall quality of our life including self-love.


Letting Go of the Past And Moving Forward With This Ancient Ritual

Let go of the past

I feel my life is an orgasmic love affair with ups and downs, moments of success and moments of failures. Some of the downfalls I’ve gone through, or the wrongdoings of others toward me, are so painful or hurtful that letting go of the past is hard to do. Each time I remember them it gives me a feeling of being a victim, and if I start to tell others about it from this perspective, I usually gain sympathy.


Why I Think Empowerment of Women Starts with Men

Empowerment of women

My daughter Maitri, who is 14 years old, was not very impressed with the notion of Women’s International Day and all the talks about equal rights and women’s empowerment. Every day she experiences one form or the other of male chauvinism, or of patriarchal or patronizing attitude towards herself or other girls/women. She also often experiences what she calls a collective hypocrisy of respecting the feminine, leading to a dis-empowerment of women.


Awareness in Lovemaking: An Unexplored Aphrodisiac

Awareness in lovemaking

In the years we’ve been working with couples on issues related to love, intimacy and lovemaking both men and women have raised a common concern. Many of them are disappointed with the short-lived sexual quickies. Especially the women have expressed a desire for lovemaking that makes them feel more connected; where their partner is not rushing towards the goal of coming or trying to push her to reach an orgasm.


Relax into lovemaking and become more alive, present and connected

Relax into lovemaking

Until a few years back I didn’t even think of lovemaking and relaxation in the same sentence. In fact, I used to believe that you should never be relaxed into lovemaking. To me, making love was all about speed, being dynamic and forceful. It was a mechanism to demonstrate my manliness, seek to give pleasure to my partner and myself, become a father to a child, and feed my biological need.