Honoring Women (International Women's Day)

by Majbrit Villadsen on March 8, 2016


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Today, March 8th 2016, is International Women's Day and the theme this year is #PledgeForParity. In 2014 it was estimated that it wouldn't be until 2095 that we would have achieved global gender parity. And then in 2015 that estimation was changed and now it's believed that the gender gap won't close entirely until 2133!

This is unacceptable.

So much have been achieved towards equality, but there's still a long way to go and we, as a society, cannot afford to rest in this area. If we want the world to prosper on all levels, if we want justice, peace and harmony, it's time for everyone, women as well as men, to recognize the contribution of women and their equal worth.

Blessings of women

Women nurtures and carries life forth into the world and in ancient indian traditions they're revered as Shakti's (the creative power of life-force energy). She's the water in the vast ocean as well as in the small creek, she's the color of the lilacs and in your everyday life she's what nourishes you into wholeness.

In his book "VishwaSutras - Universal Principles for Living," Vishwas Chavan shares a chapter about the blessings of Shakti.

In honoring the women around the globe, who each and every day contributes with their unique power, we offer the audio version of this chapter, to inspire you to embrace and support women to become all they can be. You can listen to the free chapter here.

If you want more inspiration from real life practices of achieving your dreams and being more succesful in your life, you can get the entire book here in kindle or paperback.

Make a pledge and help accelerate gender parity

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