Letting Go of the Past And Moving Forward With This Ancient Ritual

by Vishwas Chavan on May 8, 2016


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I feel my life is an orgasmic love affair with ups and downs, moments of success and moments of failures. Some of the downfalls I’ve gone through, or the wrongdoings of others toward me, are so painful or hurtful that letting go of the past is hard to do. Each time I remember them it gives me a feeling of being a victim, and if I start to tell others about it from this perspective, I usually gain sympathy.

Earlier in my life I didn’t realize that I was actually enjoying this sympathy; it made me feel heroic by sharing unfortunate events from my life, or it would stir a sense of righteousness in me when I shared the tales of how someone had wronged me.

Unknowingly, I just magnified the problems and allowed them to persist by brooding over my past and childhood circumstances, holding grudges, and continuing to relive past hurts rather than letting it off my chest. I was becoming my own worst obstacle to leading a life of success, happiness and bliss. So I realized letting go of the past is essential to live the life I want.

Let go of the past to become free

Letting go of your past takes conscious efforts. It starts with making a commitment to let go of the past. Having tried a variety of techniques and methods to overcome and let go of the past, one thing that has helped me the most is an ancient ritual called Vimoka. It has also boosted my courage to move forward in life.

Vimoka is a Sanskrit word, which literally means letting go, abandoning or giving up. From my experience it’s one of the most powerful ritual amongst many that are used to let go of the past. The reason I find this ritual so very powerful is because it’s based on the principles of forgiving, focusing on the present and moving forward.

As a part of letting go of the past and forgiving, you write down everything you’re ready to let go of, and allow yourself to feel whatever emotions surface when you do that.

I’ve modified the ritual so it’s simple to follow, and you can repeat it as many times as you need, until you feel you’ve let go of the past experiences and incidents, and are able to lead a life of happiness and prosperity.

>>> For a detailed description of the Vimoka Ritual click here.

I strongly believe that when you move past hurtful, painful or tragic experiences and incidents, and forgive yourself and others for wrong deeds, the better your chances are of focusing on your aspirations and working towards them.

Let’s stop defining ourselves by our pain and move forward, because we deserve the best in life!

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